1. Welcome - to the First Meeting of the now Incorporated Body.

2. Apologies.

3. Minutes of the Previous Meeting – All should have had a copy.

Motion for Minutes
4. Matters Arising from the Minutes.
a. Tony – re Neil Cormack?
b. David - re Nick - concept sketches
c. Incorporation is now completed – certificate issued.
d. Shed Update – refer to general business
e. Fund raising refer to general business
f. Website - Alan Noble agreed to do the website and advise on internet marketing. Detail refer general business
g. Peter Hood has been contacted.

Any other business arising?
5. Correspondence – In and Out

OUT: 1st
Selectman Ed Haberek – Stonington – Updating on Festival & Project
Richard Fox – DEWNR – Shed Site.
Andrew Boardman – CEO KIC – Re Shed Site.
Letter to US Ambassador.

IN. – Andrew Sincock – re meeting with Creigh O’Conner
Paul Bogner – Commodore RSAYS.
Hayley Nansi – DPTI response to Shed Site.
Amelia Harris – Jamie Briggs reply.
Andrew Sais – President CYCSA.
Steve Vines – Assistant to Susan Close MP – Member for Port Adelaide.
Bob Sexton – re Sketch
Michelle Banks – re KIFA Board Meeting
Andrew Boardman – CEO KIC – re Contamination
Glenn Gale – Re Heritage Branch DEWNR.
Hon Michelle Lensink – Shadow Minister for Environment – re meeting.
Eric Heapy – re Contacts DEWNR
John Stevenson – Update Costing for Shed

Motion for Acceptance of Correspondence
6. Matters Arising from Correspondence

7. Secretaries Report

8. Finance Report

9. General Business
a. Confirmation of present office bearers.
b. Selection of Vice President
c. Selection of six committee members
d. Setting of Membership Fees and Due Date.
e. Selection of financial institution 
f. Report on Shed site – David/Greg
g. Report on Major Fund raising – Stan (See attached written report.)
h Report on Website Ideas/Progress – Name - etc – Alan. (If present.) If Alan not present then over view by David or David.
i. Future emails/correspondence. – Secretary.

10. Any other business

11. Next meeting will be a Committee Meeting: To be Advised

12. Meeting Close