In the News

In reverse chronological order:

3 September 2015, "Independence boosts American River", The Islander
6th April 2015, "A Reconstruction of The Independence," article by Bob Sexton
12 February 2015, “Full steam ahead for Independence”, The Islander, 
29 January 2015, "Buy a plank of the Independence", The Islander
7 December 2014,"Schooner Independence will sail again",article by Alan Noble
25 September 2014, "Support for replica of SA’s first ever ship", The Islander
4 July 2014, "Revolution, convicts, and whales", article by Alan Noble
27 March 2014, "An Old Worcester chases a dream", article by Stan Benjamin
11 July 2013, "Independence flags curiosity", The Islander
13 June 2013,  "Independence Group takes another step", The Islander
20 May 2013, "History of Schooner Independence", article by David Cowans
24 May 2012: "Independence dream alive", The Islander.

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