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Wall Detail Notes

The aim of the detailing of the North and West walls is to “break up” the large expanse of sheet walling to enhance the attractiveness of the building and also to create a more traditional look that will be more in keeping with the surroundings and attract visitors to the complex..

1. North Wall Detail

A. Personnel access doors are to be made of wood; either new or salvage material. And will have a reveal of no less than 100mm and also have a timber surround. The timber will be left in its natural state and covered in clear poly lacquer for weather protection.

B. A window of either new wooden framing or salvage material, with a timber surround, which will be left in its natural state and covered in clear poly lacquer for weather protection. The approximate size will be 2 metres high x 2.5 metres wide. During the boat building phase of the project the window will act as an information window and will not give a view of the inside of the shed. The top edge of the window will not exceed 2.7 metres in high from floor level and the bottom edge will be approximately 700 mm from ground level.

C. On the face of the wall will be painted a mural of a nautical scene in which the Schooner “Independence” will feature. The vessel will not be painted onto the surface of the wall; instead it will be enlarged slightly and placed on 10mm plywood in the form of a silhouette. (The vessel will not be quite in the detail shown on the plan, but will be more of a basic shape, showing only four sails and some rigging. The rigging may be rope or if this proves impractical then light reinforcing rod will be use.)

The ply wood silhouette will be bolted to the side of the building so that it stands proud of the surface by enough room that the masts of the silhouette clear the gutters of the building – approximately 180mm to 300mm gap between the silhouette and the wall.

This silhouette will create form and shadow to the surface and will be the main feature of the wall.

D. Only most of the length of the wall close to the building will be a decorative rope fence on wooden posts about 800 mm high. Rope splicing will be worked around the top of each post. It is envisaged that old mooring lines from the Sealink ferry will be used or if not available then new rope will be used. Low coastal shrubs will also be planted along the fence line.

N.B.: This same detail rope fencing will be used in other areas to guide foot traffic around the building.

E. Sign written wording will be displayed above the window area indicating the nature of the project.

2. West Wall Detail

A. Three rolled “colour bond” tanks will be positioned in a staggered line moving away from the shed. The largest one against the shed in descending size. Colour will match the roof and contrast with the wall colour.

B. Double barn type doors with a reveal of at least 100mm. Doors and surround will be of wood, either new or salvaged and finished in clear poly lacquer for weatherproofing. Size will be approximately 3 metres by 2.5 metres high.

C. Sign written logo of the Group will be placed here.

Existing trees, planted by the community, will screen the western end of the visitor centre part of the building, and further planting of low native shrubs will also soften the landscape.