After the Launch

One of the commonest questions we hear is "what will happen when Independence is finished?". Although that's likely to be a few years away, it's important to give these things some thought.

The main use for Independence will be to provide educational experiences by taking visitors, school parties, retired persons and others on trips around American River harbour to understand what life may have been like for sailors over 200 years ago. The cat o'nine tails experience is, however, unlikely!

The boathouse will also become available and will be operated as an interpretive centre highlighting, through displays and digital conservation, the maritime history of American River and its surrounds.

We also intend to provide training and education in wooden boat building, sailing and seamanship as well as living history experience by demonstrating the processes through which we went in the construction of Independence.

Overall, we would like to see American River becoming a cultural hub for maritime matters on Kangaroo Island.