Pioneer Fishermen of American River

The Pioneer Fishers of American River Project

American River stands out as a fishing paradise on KI, with an amazingly diverse and unmatched maritime history.

“The River” is a fishing village and we want everyone to know of our fishing heroes.

A display celebrating our pioneer fishermen has long been an idea dear to many American River hearts. It was feared that one day no one would be left to tell the young. There has been no recognition of the many 'salt of the earth' folk who built the fishing reputation and industry of American River, and who were responsible for the massive influx of tourists from all over the world to fish here.

Now thanks to an Australian National Maritime Museum grant we can celebrate American River Fishing Pioneers.

The “River” community was invited over many months to help in gathering information and photos of fishermen of the past (and present), with the goal of five colourful display panels at a recognised maritime precinct – the RIG (Rebuild Independence Group) Boathouse at American River – in memory of the fishing pioneers of American River.

Situated in our maritime heritage precinct at the American River Wharf the memorial promises to return a deserved focus to "the River", recognising the people who helped to make it so. Below you can see each Fishing Pioneer plaque, and the family members who came to celebrate their installation on the American River Wharf, December 4, 2023.  

Keith Linnett

Bill Mansell

Ronnie Bates

Leo Logmans

Tony Klieve